Axis Fault Exception in Ajio During Order Cancellation What to do now?

Axis Fault Exception in Ajio During Order Cancellation? What to do now? If you are facing the issue while cancelling the order and you are not able to get the refund from Ajio Online shopping app read the full post what are the steps you should take to get it resolved.

Reliance trends online shopping app india is an Ajio.

Yes! you can say the Reliance Trend Online Shopping App is called Ajio.When you place an order through Ajio online shopping app you will get the delivery from nearby Reliance Trends Store. Many people who are fond of buying apparels and fashion wear from Reliance Trends keep on asking and searching on net “can we order online from Reliance Trends? What is the name of Reliance Trends online app? So am going to answer the question here.

 Can we order online from Reliance Trends?

Yes! you can order online from Reliance Trends using the online shopping app. The name of Reliance Trends online app is “Ajio”?

How to download Reliance Trends Online App?

After the closure of FBB Online Shopping App, people are looking for the app where they can buy the fashion apparels at a best possible price and whith assured products quality and best service.The best app which is trending now a days is Reliance Trends online App, i.e Ajio App.

Download Ajio app from Google Play for your Android. And for iOS please download from the apple app store.
AJIO Online Shopping App is from Reliance Retail ltd. As Reliance accquired Big Bazaar their are high chances you may get FBB Fashion kurtis, dresses. Now Reliance Trends online shopping for women may offer Fbb online shopping for women collections in AJIO Online Shopping App.

Download Link for Android. Click Here. Many times you may want to cancel your order or want to get refund but during cancellation you may get the message like Axis Fault Exception in Ajio, during Order Cancellation, don’t worry about it! here we will share what you need to do in such cases. First we will explain what does Axis Fault Exception in Ajio means and will explain what is the Ajio’s refund and return policy and terms and conditions for online exchange return and refund.

What is Axis Fault Exception in Ajio during Order Cancellation?

During cancellation of order in Ajio App for online refund, an error is shown which says Axis Fault Exception -You can not cancel the order this time please try after some time. Just have a look in the below picture. Here we are going to tell you the fact behind it! Why can’t you cancel the order in Ajio online shopping after few minutes of ordering. You may be shocked why AJIO is not allowing me to cancel the order?

Axis Fault Exception in Ajio

Why AJIO is not allowing me to cancel the order?

If this is your query please have patience, first relax and understand Ajio belongs to Reliance and Reliance is customer friendly organisation. They care for their customers. Understand the Ajio returns and refund policy first. Reliance Trends Online shopping App “Ajio” has a Easy Exchange and Returns policy which we are sharing below.

What is the AJIO Cancellation, Exchange, Returns and Refund Policy?

Point to remember regarding Exchange, Returns, Refund and Cancellation policy and Terms and conditions of Ajio online Shopping.

  1. Ajio Online Shopping or you can say Reliance Trends online shopping has items wise exchange and retun policy and terms and conditions for cancellation of orders.
  2. For example items of fashion and lifestyle can be returned within Thirty days from the date of delivery.
  3. In case of Accessories you have to do it with in 7 days.
  4. Always read the full terms and conditions in an official site before placing the orders.

How to Cancel or Returns order on Ajio online shopping?

  • Ajio’s returns and cancellation process is simple.
  • You can easily cancel orders fully or partially before the order are picked and packed for dispatched at delivery site.
  • If the orders are picked and packed and ready for delivery and you try to cancel the order you may get the message “Axis Fault Exception in Ajio App or Site.
  • You can easily check your order is dispatched or not?
  • If you get a unique tracking identity number (using which you can track the status of delivery of your order).
  • To cancel order or get refund for your order after getting tracking identity number, simply write a mail at [email protected].
  • While writing mail always mention unique tracking identity number.
  • The Refund and Exchange process will start with in 2 working days in such cases from the cancellation date.
  • In case of payment done via COD method, refund will be done in your bank account or in your Ajio wallet. It May take maximum upto 15 days.
  • The refund will be done via same mode by which payment was made.

Steps to follow at Ajio for cancellation request.

As mentioned above Ajio’s return policy and terms and conditions are very easy and customer friendly. Follow the below mentioned steps to put a cancellation request at Ajio online Shopping.

  1. Open the Ajio site or app.
  2. Log in to your account of Ajio online shopping.
  3. On the top at the right side – click on my account.
  4. There you will find list of recent orders. Which you made recently.
  5. From your orders list select the order and item or items that you want to cancel.
  6. When you click cancel the order will be cancelled.
  7. If you want to return or exchange you need to click the icon return / exchange after step 4.
  8. Follow the instructions shown on page and take and note down the Return ID number.
  9. Now after getting return ID, you will get pick up date and tentative refund date.
  10. Hope how to cancel or return in Ajio online shopping App is now easy to understand.

What to do in case of Axis Fault Exception in Ajio During Order Cancellation.

First thing you should remeber to check is the item dispatched or not? And follow the process as mentioned above. Exchange and refund policy of Ajio ( Reliance Trends Online shopping ) is very simple and easy. In case you face any challenge don’t hesitate to contact Ajio customer care service.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Who is the owner of

Answer: is the online shopping App of Reliance Trends. Parent Company is Reliance. Owner Of is Mr Mukesh Ambani.

Q2. Is Ajio Indian Company?

Answer: Yes Ajio belongs to Reliance. Ajio is an Indian Company. Ajio is not a Chinese Company.

Q3 : Can I order Online from Reliance Trends Near Me?

Answer: Yes you can. Ajio is an online shopping site of Reliance Trends.

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