Big Bazaar Display Strategy – What is the display criteria of Big Bazaar ?

Quite often we visit the retail outlets, shopping malls and hyper markets for shopping. Have we ever wonder, how the retailers display the items on shop floor ? What are the basic fundamentals of display? Here in this post we will be discussing about display criteria of Big Bazaar, and strategy of Big Bazaar for instore display. Apart from this, we will share the importance of Visual merchandising and display of fresh arrivals in Big Bazaar.

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What is the display criteria of Big Bazaar ?

Retail format of Big Bazaar can be considered as hyper market. You will find the different formats of Future Group like you can see FBB Store, Central Store, Brand Factory, Food Bazaar, Easy Day and Big Bazaar. All these are the verticals of Future Retail Ltd and Future Lifestyle Ltd. Today we will share all about Big Bazaar Display Strategy. We will cover (Fbb store) Fashion At Big Bazaar display criteria in our next post. Display is basically a combination of Art and Science.

Big Bazaar Display Strategy For Food Bazaar

You can divide Food Bazaar into following department.

  1. Processed Food
  2. COP -Central Of Plate ( Staple ) / Grocery
  3. HPC ( Home and Personal Care)
  4. F and V ( Fruits and Vegetables )
  5. Bakery
  6. Dairy Products
  7. Meat or Non veg ( In few Food bazaar or Big Bazaar you will find this department ).

These are the departments in Food Bazaar. Where as Big Bazaar have Food Bazaar plus the other departments like Fashion ( Fbb store Inside Big Bazaar ), General Merchandise, Stationery, Home Fashion, Electronics ( Mostly Koryo brands items ) and Luggage.

Please note in some store of Big Bazaar you will find all above mentioned department under the one roof. Just to share it with you even these are available online for home delivery at your door step in 2 hours time in Big bazaar online shopping.

As mentioned earlier in this post we will share the display criteria of Big Bazaar, in this post we will cover entire Food Bazaar display strategy which Big Bazaar has adopted.

1. Food Display strategy in Big Bazaar.

This is the category which drives the sales as the consumption of processed food, HPC, staples and Groceries are increasing day by day due to change in life style and because of population explosion and growth in buying potential. Before we share the category flow and the display method which Big Bazaar follow, we feel you must understand that this department is a very crucial department here the shelf life of product is from 1 months to 1 year, depending on products, thus FIFO is the first thing which should come in mind when we talk about display of processed food.

FIFO means first in first out; thats enure that the consumers will get fresh item every time and retailers control the loss which may happen due to expiry of the products. Before we go deep into display strategy of Big Bazaar in Processed food category remember the below points.


b) Shelf availibility to drive sales.

c) The key principal to food category as a whole is “stack it high and watch it fly”.

The above three points are applicable to all Food Bazaar i.e Processed Food, COP -Central Of Plate ( Staple Grocery ) and HPC ( Home and Personal Care) excluding Fresh category where we avoid stacking of goods due to nature of the products, as it may lead to product damage.

Why Fresh category is given a more importance by food retailers like Big Bazaar ?

There is no doubt if we say retail is a daily business.

Fresh is one of the categories which drives cutomers to store. Given below points are the key factor in fresh category.

  1. Maintain Freshness
  2. Quality Products
  3. Availability
  4. FIFO ( Expiry Managemet )

Display Standards followed by Big Bazaar

  1. Clean and clutter free area.
  2. Proper signage that communicate the selling price to customers.
  3. While doing replenishment team ensure that the shelves should not be over filled.
  4. They keep on sorting fresh, mainly F and V, i.e Fruits and Vegetables. They maintain the file format by the name “Would You Buy It” where they write the quantity or weight of spoiled and poor quality fruits and vegetables which they remove from display. This process is followed at least 5 times a day.
  5. Modular plan or MPM ( Merchandise Planning and Management ) in all category in each area must be followed.
  6. Own Brands / Private Label are mostly displayed at eye level, as they deliver the good margin.
Implementation of Modular plan or MPM ( Merchandise Planning and Management ) as a part of Big Bazaar display strategy

Lets understand the Planogram and MPM. We will take example from Staple/ Grocery Section.

Basic parameters used for defining the planogram and MPM.

Considering the example from Staple / Grocery department for more clarity on display criteria of Big Bazaar.

  1. Merchandising category – Like Cooking oil ( It will include Mustard oil – Sun Flower – Oil – Health Oil etc.
  2. Pulses – Like Whole pulses – Split Pulses
  3. Ghee – Vanaspati – Desi Ghee – Cow Ghee
  4. Atta / Flour – Branded Atta like Ashirwad – Nature Fresh, Patanjali, Arjun etc and Unbranded atta.
  5. Rice Mostly displayed in loose and in packing as well.

Mainly you can say the flow and positioning of products are finalised on the basis of below given parameters.

  1. Merchandising Category
  2. Brand
  3. Pack Size
  4. Price Points

One main point you need to keep in mind is, always the flow start from left to right and from top to bottom – when you face the shelves.

 Flow →→→→→→→→→→→→ →→→→
 Bay 1Bay 2Bay 3Bay 4Bay 5Bay 6Bay 7Bay 8Bay 9Bay 10
 Olive  OilOlive  OilCanola OilHealth OilRice Bran OilSunflower OilSoyabean OilSoyabean OilMustard OilGhee
Self 11ltr/500ml1ltr/500ml1ltr1ltr1ltr1ltr1ltr1ltr1ltr1ltr/Brand Blocking
Self21ltr/500ml1ltr/500ml1ltr1ltr1ltr1ltr1ltr1ltr1ltr1ltr/Brand Blocking
Self 32ltr2ltr2ltr2ltr2ltr2ltr2ltr2ltr2ltr1ltr/Brand Blocking
Self 45ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr1ltr/Brand Blocking
Self 55ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr5ltr1ltr/Brand Blocking
We start from own Brand than other Brand
5 Ltr Heath Oil/Canola Oil/Olive Oil secondry Thappi display at the section gate / Start point.

Hope the above table which gives the example of oil display in staple section of Big Bazaar clears the curiosity of Big Bazaar Display Strategy.