Can I use Zeta Meal Card in Big Bazaar for Payment?

Hi! friends in today’s post we are going to share the exact payment mode in Big Bazaar store and Big Bazaar online shopping store, wheter you want to purchase grocery online or fbb clothes online you might have a questions like Can I use Zeta Meal Card in Big Bazaar? Can Zeta Card be used at Big Bazaar? Big Bazaar accept Zeta Card or not? Is there any tie up of Bg Bazaar zeta card? In order to clear all such query we are sharing the post “Can I use Zeta Meal Card in Big Bazaar”

Zeta Meal Card in Big Bazaar India

Now like Sodexo, Zeta Card is getting populairty in India. Now people are searcing for Zeta Card in Big Bazaar India.We are also getting lot of query like can we use zeta card in Big Bazaar? Does Big Bazaar accept zeta card? Its a million dollar question; which we will answer today.

Does Zeta Card Work in Big Bazaar?

Zeta card in Big Bazaar and its benefits is the question what we are getiing now a days, thus we are writing the entire mode of payment. The mode that Big Bazaar is accepting online or offline for purchase of food or grocery online.

Zeta card in Big Bazaar Grocery Online Shopping is not accepted, Zeta card in big bazaar app or online portal is not considered to be the valid mode of payment so far. In future it depends on the colloboration of the company.

Is Zeta Card accepted in Big Bazaar Store?

Zeta card in Big Bazaar stores like Bathinda, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Zirakpur, Jaipur, or you can say zeta card in Big Bazaar India store are not acceptable till date. Yes! if you have a credit card of Zeta you can pay using that but; Zeta meal card is not acceptable in any of the Big Bazaar store so far.

So for a question; Zeta Card accepted in big bazaar? The answer is no, Big Bazaar does not have any provision of payment using Zeta card.

Big Bazaar accept following Mode of Payments

  1. Cash
  2. Credit / Debit Cards – American express/ Visa/ Master / Ru pay
  3. BHIM and UPI payment method also accepted
  4. SODEXO – Only offline – Physically card required during billing.
  5. Bajaj Finance Card
  6. Big Bazaar gift vouchers
  7. Future pay

Please note Zeta meal card has not been started so far by the Big Bazaar as a mode of payment.

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Hope this post is useful for you? For more update stay tuned to Big Bazaar online shopping site.