D mart Big bazaar comparison : Is Big bazaar cheaper than dmart in 2021

Its clear from today’s article headline that we will share D mart Big Bazaar Comparison. Through this article we will not only share the d-mart and big bazaar comparison or share Big Bazaar alternative. Now Dmart online order and Big Bazaar online shopping both are competing with each other. I am writing this article to share the practice in retail industry and how the retailers like Big Bazaar, Dmart, Reliance Fresh, Spar, Metro Cash and Carry, More, Vishal Mega Mart, Vmart Retail etc works in order to create the perception and mind set of consumers that they are cheap and rest their competitors are costly. First I would like to answer your query; d’mart or big bazaar which is cheaper ? Or Is Big bazaar cheaper than Dmart in 2021? For this understand the fundamental of pricing; and how companies create perception?

D mart Big Bazaar Comparison and Perception Builder

In retail industry there is PBM. Its abbreviated form of price bench marking. And another term which you should know to understand the concept is KVI ( Key Value Indicator). Here I will explain the Key Value Indicator first; am trying to explain in very simple way so that even a layman can also understand the same. When you visit the grocery stores like Big Bazaar, Dmart , More retail Ltd; V.Mart Retail or any other format for shopping what you do ? You try to compare the price of some items with other retailers; mostly these items are like Atta ( Flour ), Rice, Cooking Oil, Sugar and Salt in grocery department; and in processed food department they may compare Real juice price, Amul butter, Tata tea; Taj Mahal Tea, some fast moving biscuits etc.

The main point is, you will compare only few items which are fast selling and easy to remember; you will create the perception depending on the price of these KVI items, is not it ? Items which you remember easily and help you to make a perception and such Items are KVI items. Normally consumers also makes d-mart and big bazaar comparison and look for the Big Bazaar alternative.

Is Big bazaar cheaper than dmart in 2021 Maha Bachat.

D mart Big Bazaar both retailers puts their efforts to create the same perception through price bench marking. So that consumer can do the D-mart and Big Bazaar comparison in their mind; and decide D’mart or big bazaar which is cheaper?

Some consumer compare the direct price of the items between Dmart and Big bazaar or any other retailers. Few customers are smart enough to compare the direct price and the other benefits; like Future Pay Cash Back ( Big Bazaar offer on purchase of certain items or during Maha Bachat offers). Bandhan bonus ( special loyalty bonus in metro cash and carry ) etc. After considering all then the consumer decide which retailer or whole seller have better pricing. To bring the consumers to this level, all most all retailers do the Price Bench Marking.

Importance and Drawback of Price Bench marking in retail Industry.

There is a tough competition between D mart and Big Bazaar as cusotomer always try to do comparison between the pricing of both the store. D mart Big Bazaar Comparison on the basis of pricing affects the customers footfall in the retail store. Lower the prices of KVI articles higher the footfall. Most of the retailers bleed in margins due to price bench marking. As customers are also aware now a days, everybody wants to save money thus they do the cherry picking, like they will buy cheap items from Dmart and other items which are cheap in Big Bazaar. Retailers need to keep in mind that smartest consumer do Cherry Picking of cheapest products from both store and thus store bleed in the margin. Thus there are always a qty restrictions put by the companies on bench marked articles to minimize the loss.

If you do D-mart and Big Bazaar comparison you will find few articles are cheap in Big Bazaar and few are cheap in Dmart, D mart Big Bazaar both follow the same strategy for price benchmarking. You cant say Big bazaar alternative is D’mart or vice versa. So its not practical enough to say D’mart Big Bazaar which is cheaper?

Its depends as per quality of products, seasonailty, KVI articles, freshness of goods etc. Many factors affect the pricing of any retail outlet. You can get Mozirella cheese at cheaper price in Big Bazaar and loose sugar price is lower in Dmart. Be a smart customer, visit both the store and do cherry picking.

Hope this post will help you to understand the price war, thats going in retail sector.

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