Does Big Bazaar Accept Amazon Pay QR Code in 2022

Hi! friends few year back you might have seen Big Bazaar Amazon Pay Offer, even you might have seen the Big Bazaar product listed on Amazon online shopping site. As there was a deal between Amazon and Big Bazaar. We will not discuss the Amazon Big Bazaar deal here, we are going to share the exact answer here for your query “Does Big Bazaar Accept Amazon Pay QR Code in 2022 ? So to know the exact answer please scroll down and read the entire post. In our site you will get lot of such stuff, which will answer your questions.

Does Big Bazaar Accept Amazon Pay?

As mentioned above there was Amazon Big Bazaar deal earlier and due to which both company were supporting each other. The colloboration was like supporting each other and customers were getting benefited with Big Bazaar Amazon Pay offer. Before jumping to this let see the entire payment mode which Big Bazaar use to accept before.

Big Bazaar used to accept the following Payment mode

  1. Cash
  2. Credit / Debit card
  3. Big Bazaar Gift Vouchers
  4. Paytm
  5. Sodexo
  6. Nearbuy
  7. Amazon Pay
  8. UPI

Recently we have shared detail information of Sodexo or Paytm Food wallet can be used in Big Bazaar offline shopping or Big Bazaar online shopping as most of our reader were asking the detail on the same. If you also have the query you can also read following the link given below. Follow for Paytm detail.

How to use Paytm Food wallet in Big Bazaar ?

Does Big Bazaar accept Sodexo online ?

Lets come back to the question, does Big Bazaar accept Amazon Pay QR code in 2022?

You might be disappointed to know that due to Amazon and Big Bazaar dispute both company is not supporting each other. You can not find the Big Bazaar products on Amazon site, and now Big Bazaar has stoped accepting Amazon pay as a payment option. In my recent visit to Big Bazaar store near me in Banglore, I have observed even the store has removed Amazon Pay QR Code from their billing counters. When I enquired at customer service counter there, they informed me that now Big Bazaar does not accept Amazon Pay QR Code in 2021 and 2022.

So if you are planning to visit Big Bazaar store for shopping just opt for the other payment option.