Does Big Bazaar take any processing fees for interview as a cashier?

We all know Big Bazaar is a leading brand under Future retail Ltd. Future retail is one of the vertical of Future group. In this article I will share with you does Big Bazaar take any processing fees for interview as a cashier or for any other vaccancy in company in this discount period ?

Types of Jobs in Big Bazaar in 2021 at Store Level.

There are mainly 2 types of Job available in Big Bazaar Store and

1. Floor Jobs or Front end

In this you will be responsible for one department or sub department like FMCG, Staples, Homeware, Home Fashion, Electronics, Processed Food, Vegetables etc. It depends on your experience or depends on the vaccany existing at that time. The main role will be to keep basic hygine, replenishment, interaction with customers and generating sales.

What is the role of team member in Big Bazaar depends on the department he or she is working. You first understand the department role and than you can easily understand the role of various designation like role of cashiers in Big bazaar, roles of Team member in Big Bazaar.

2. Support Function Jobs or Backend Jobs.

In this you act as a support for floor or front team by performing the task assigned to you in your respective departments. Below mentioned are the sub department in support functions.

a) HR – Human resource

As I worked in this department for a 2 year duration in my career I can put a light on your question does Big Bazaar take any processing fees for interview as a cashier or not?

How much is the processing fees for interview as a cashier in Big Bazaar?

b) Visual Merchandiser

In this profile you need to take care of all visual merchandising part of the store from signages to fassad and execution of offers and communication at store level on shop floor.

c) Goods Receiving

You will have to plan receiving of materials and completing the documentation relaeated to inwarding of the material in store. Maintaing instore warehouses and coordination with suppliers are the key responsibility area in this profile.

d) Adminstration / Operation and Maintenance

Administration profile is a very crucial profile; it take care of all the administration related task from maintenance to security to taking care of all necessary documents like renewal of the permits, contracts as per local government policies. Also co-ordinate with local administration of the city as when required. Apart from this some time they are involved with executing the online order what they are receiving through Big Bazaar online shopping app.

e) Commercial and Customer service

In commercial department there is a commercial manager and cashiers. You should know what are the qualities of big bazaar cashier should have before you apply to this job.The job profile of cashiers in Big Bazaar is to ensure error free billing; informing the best offers and services to customers. Where as customer service department solve the issues or problem faced by customers.

All of the main departments of any Big bazaar store is discussed above. For further query do not hesitate to write us.

How much processing fees Big Bazaar take for interview as a cashier ?

Big Bazaar is a private Ltd company, its has a fair recruitment process. There is no application fees or no processing fees required to appear for the interview. Does Big Bazaar take any processing fees for interview as a cashier ? The answer is No!. There is no charges for recruitment for any position and its free of cost. Company provide free training to freshers for the post likesTeam members and cashiers.

Those who want to work in Big Bazaar; first they should search the Big Bazaar Store Near Me at google search, for Big Bazaar Store Near You. Visit the near by Big Bazaar Store, ask about HR manager at CSD desk; there you can submit you CV; In case; there is any suitable vaccancy they will conduct an interview for you; depending on your skills and qualification you will get the job.

If you visit any job placement agency near you in your locality or city; they may ask you for processing fees for interview as a cashier in Big Bazaar. Please note Its a placement agency

Designation in Big bazaar Store in 2021.

Below mentioned are the current designation for which you can apply depending on the Latest vacancies in Big Bazaar Store in 2021.

  1. Store manager
  2. Asst Store manager
  3. Department manager ( GM HOme, Food, Fashion, Receiving )
  4. Store Hr Manager
  5. Head Cashier
  6. CSD Manager
  7. Admin Manager
  8. Visual Merchandiser
  9. Team Leader ( GM Home, Electronics, Fashion, Receiving, Cash, CSD, Admin and Food )
  10. Cashier
  11. Team Members

For all above mentioned positions Big Bazaar keep on conducting interviews as per vaccancies; there is no processing fees for interview as a cashier or for any position mentioned above.

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