Does Modern Bazaar Accept Sodexo?

Shopping at the Modern Bazaar is always a treat. From the colorful array of goods to the diverse range of prices, it’s a great way to find something you need without breaking the bank. But what if you don’t have cash? Is there a way to pay with something else? Does Modern Bazaar Accept Sodexo? As you might know, Sodexo is an international gift card that can be used at participating stores and restaurants around the world. In this blog post, we’ll discuss Modern Bazaar Accept Sodexo or not and what are the various mode of payment if you do online or in-store shopping from Modern Bazaar.

What is Sodexo?

Sodexo is a food service company that provides meals and other food-related services to schools, hospitals, businesses, and other organizations. Sodexo is headquartered in France and has operations in 80 countries. In 2018, Sodexo was ranked by Forbes as the 18th largest employer in the world.

What is Modern Bazaar?

Modern Bazaar is a new type of grocery store that is popping up all over the country. You can do online shopping from Modern Bazaar and get delivery to your doorstep. Modern Bazaar specializes in organic and natural foods. You can find everything from produce to prepared meals at a Modern Bazaar.

Does Modern Bazaar accept Sodexo as a form of payment? Most of the customers who want to do shopping from the Modern Bazaar Online Shopping site or using the Modern Bazaar online shopping app want to know if they can use their Sodexo card to purchase items at any Modern Bazaar location or not.

Does Modern Bazaar accept Sodexo?

No at present, Modern Bazaar does not accept Sodexo as a payment mode if you order online or purchase items from the Modern Bazaar store.

How to make the payment if Sodexo is not accepted at the Modern Bazaar Online store?

Modern Bazaar does not accept Sodexo as a form of payment. Here’s how to pay for your purchase at Modern Bazaar’s online shopping site.

  • You can opt for Cash On Delivery.
  • Use UPI for making payments at the Modern Bazaar Online site.
  • Paytm
  • Google Pay
  • Debit Cards / Credit Cards
  • Store Credit Notes
  • Modern Bazaar Gift vouchers.

What are the Modern Bazar Online Delivery Charges?

As of now Modern Bazaar offers free-of-cost delivery, you have the option to choose the home delivery or store pick-up option. The Modern Bazaar locations for home delivery will be shared in the next post.


If you’re looking to make a purchase at the Modern Bazaar store or from an Online shopping site of Modern Bazaar, you’ll be happy to know that they will soon start accepting Sodexo. With its wide selection of items, Modern Bazaar is an ideal place to shop and save money. With the convenience of being able to use Sodexo as a payment option, there’s will be no need to worry about having cash on hand when shopping at this store.

So we will company will soon have a tie-up with the Sodexo team, so that next time you head out for some retail therapy, don’t forget that your Sodexo card can get you great deals at Modern Bazaar! You can visit the official site to grab the deal.

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