Fbb SBI credit card features, limits, offers, benefits, reward points review

This post is going to be very interesting as most of you want to know the exact benefits, features, limits, current offers and reward points of SBI Credit Card. Further in this post ” Fbb SBI Credit Card features, limits, offers, benefits, reward points review” we will share where you have to contact regarding complain of bill or transaction. You must know how to get benefits while shopping from FBB store or from Big Bazaar.

Fbb SBI Credit Card Features, Benefits and Offers.

The credit card offered by SBI Bank; the card holder will get the discount on Fashion at Big Bazaar. Below mentioned are the features and benefits of fbb sbi credit card.

  1. When the card holder do shopping from Fbb store or Fashion at Big Bazaar, the card holder will get 10% discount on every purchase of fashion items. Fashion items includes footwear, school bags, apparels, ladies bags, sleepwears etc.
  2. Even, if you do shopping of grocery from Big Bazaar you will get reward points. If you spend 100 Rs purchase of grocery items from Big Bazaar store you will get 10X reward points; i.e equal to 2.5% value back. Means you can on purchase of 100Rs you will get 2.5Rs value back.
  3. Most of the card holders are not aware of fbb sbi credit card benefits and features for grocery shopping.
  4. Balance transfer is one of the benefits which you should know. You can transfer balance of SBI credit card to make payment of another ( different bank) credit card.
Fbb SBI Credit Card Offers for the new customers are as follows.
  1. New customers will get welcome e voucher of 500Rs within 50 days after get the card. New customer will receive the e voucher via sms in mobile number mentioned in application form.
  2. In second year card holder will get the benefit of 2000 reward points. The value of 2000 reward points will be equal to 500Rs.

Hope fbb sbi credit card reward points detail and benefits are now quite clear to you. Before applying for the card you must know that the there is an Annual Fees of 499 Rs + GST 18% on the same.

FBB SBI Credit Card Limit Deciding Factor

Credit card limit means the maximum amount of money which you can spend in a one or multiple time for shopping. Basically credit cards limit of any bank whether SBI or any other bank, depends on the income proof submitted by individual and the CIBIL score of the individual. Normally SBI offer limits between 10000 Rs to 10 lakh Rs.

How you can check Fbb SBI Credit Card limit of your card ?

To check the limit of your existing card, you should download SBI Credit Card Application from google play store. After downloading the app follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Download the app
  2. Registre the card detail.
  3. Enter card number ( which is mentioned in front of the card, it’s a 16 digit card number)
  4. Now enter date of birth as mentioned in credit card.
  5. Enter Card CVV – Given on the back side of card. It’s a 3 digit number like 223.
  6. You will get the one time password in your registered mobile number.
  7. Fill the OTP and generate user and password as per your choice.
  8. New OTP will be generated now fill the OTP and open the application.
Fbb SBI Credit Card  Features, Limit, Offers, Benefits, Reward Points
Limit of the card, current outstanding and reward points all in one app.

Mode of payment option for Fbb SBI credit card payment.

Bill payment can be done using any one of the below mentioned methods.

  1. One can pay using SBI App after login into it.         
  2. By using debit card of various listed bank.
  3. The easiest way is Internet banking.
  4. UPI
  5. Paytm
  6. CRED
  7. Google Pay
  8. Phonepay

There are few more options which you can check at the official website of SBI credit cards.

How to download Fbb SBI credit card pdf statement ?

The card users will get the pdf statement every month in the mail id, which they have mentioned in the form while applying for the card. If you missed the mail; and now you want to download pdf statment of the Fbb SBI card, then follow the below mention steps.

  1. Login the SBI credit card applicattion as mentioned above.
  2. Select account detail.
  3. Select card statement / month.
  4. Then click download.
fbb sbi credit card pdf  statement

Now your SBI Credit Card pdf statement will be downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How you can increase limit of your existing card of SBI?

Answer : To increase the limit of your existing SBI Credit card make sure you use and spend the amount regularly and pay the bill within credit period, on seeing your regular transaction and good records, company automatically send the message and increase the limit after 6 month.

Q2. Can annual fees of FBB SBI credit card be paid by phonepe?

Answer: Annual fees of 499 Rs plus 18% GST, which you want to pay can be paid by phonepe and all above mentioned methods.

Q3. Can SBI fbb credit card reward points convert to cash?

Answer : No, you will get the e-voucher of fbb, which you can redeem at FBB store in Big bazaar. Validity of the voucher will be one year. SBI credit card reward points can be converted to cash for other cards like SBI Elite and Prime credit card. This feature is not available for FBB card.

Q4. What is the email id for SBI credit card complaint online?

Answer : Email id for sbi credit card complaint online is [email protected], you can also visit sbicard.com and register the complain.

Q5. SBI credit card customer care number chennai toll free is?

Answer: SBI credit card customer care number chennai is 18601801290 .

Q6. SBI credit card customer care 24×7 in delhi ?

Answer : SBI credit card customer care number delhi is 18605001290.

Q7. Fbb SBI credit card customer care number near Ludhiana, Punjab ?

Answer : Fbb SBI card customer care number near Ludhiana, Punjab is 0161 – 39020202

Q8. Fbb SBI credit card customer care number near Jalandhar, Punjab ?

Answer : Fbb SBI card customer care number near Jalandhar, Punjab is 0181 – 39020202.

If you require Fbb SBI credit card customer care number of any area like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Banglore, Hyderabad, Pune etc, you just have to prefix the area STD Code and dial 39020202.