Fbb Store Return Policy – Did the FBB store has any return policy?

Hi! in this post I am going to share the Fbb Store Return Policy, as many customers who are buying fashion items from FBB store ( Fashion at Big Bazaar Store ) online or offline are asking question like, did the FBB store has any return policy? If we buy clothes from FBB Gurgaon store can we exchange clothes in Faridabad store? What is the warranty time of FBB Buffalo products etc. You will get the clarity on all such questions in this post.

You will find the full detail regarding return and exchange policy of FBB store in this article. The same Policy is applicable at Big Bazaar store whether you buy offline or online from Big Bazaar online shopping app. Its going to be very useful for you while doing shopping during Mahabachat offer of August 2021.

Fbb Store Return Policy – Fashion at Big Bazaar Exchange and Return Policy

India is having a large base of consumer and the market is consumer oriented, thus every retailer in India provide certain assurance to its consumers. Companies are well aware, those having organised retail store are very specific toward customer service and loyalty, for better shopping experience they pre define the Return and Exchange policy of their store or company. Future Retail’s Fbb Store Return Policy is also well implemented.

If you ask a question like, did the FBB store has any return policy? Or if you wanted to return jeans because of size is not correct it is possible to return the product? The answer is “Yes” there are some terms and conditons which you need to adhere with.

Important points in Fbb Store Return Policy

I have checked Fashion at Big Bazaar Exchange and Return Policy with the Big Bazaar near me in Ahmedabad and also from Fbb near me at Banglore. Thus, writing it for the benefit of readers, who do online shopping from Big Bazaar Online shopping app. The major points are as mentioned below.

  1. As per FBB store, they aim to provide quality, range and reasonable prices for the products.
  2. Company’s retail outlets are exchange friendly and allow exchange within 15 days of purchase.
  3. The items you want to exchange must be unused and in saleable condition.
  4. Altered, damaged, used, discounted and promotional items cant be exchange.
  5. While going to exchange the stuff purchase from Big Bazaar or Fbb store, always carry the orignal receipt along with the merchandise.
  6. For the items having a guarantee / warranty always carry a guarantee / warranty card.
  7. Guarantee card should be stamped by the store at the time of purchase.
  8. Different products have different warranty or guarantee; for example FBB Buffalo products have warranty of 6 months like in shoes category ( that to against manufacturing defect or sole of shoes are in warranty ). In apparel section there is warranty for colour bleeding thats for just 15 days.
  9. In case there is a warranty, its the manufacturer who provides the service. Store can facilitate for your ease.
  10. Customer service team at Customer Service Desk will inform you as per the policy. You must be aware of these policies in advance.
  11. What if you dont find the same item for exchange? In that case then you can ask for the refund, store CSD will intitate the refund and they will either issue a credit note with the validity of 6 months or can do the cash refund in Future pay app.

Use of Future Pay App in Fbb Store Return Policy

Future Pay app is a wallet of Future group. Different wallet are there in that app; like for Big Bazaar there will be Big Bazaar wallet and you can use the money in it in Big Bazaar only. If you have purchased from FBB store and made a return in FBB store than your money will be credited in Fbb wallet in Future pay app, that can be used in FBB store only.

Many times I came across the questions like “If we buy clothes from FBB Gurgaon store can we exchange clothes in Fbb Faridabad store or Fbb near kukatpally or Fbb store near me?

The answer is “Yes” as all these store are centralised; you can exchange stuff purchased from one Fbb store from another Fbb store near you.

Hope this article have cleared all of your doubts regarding Fbb Store Return Policy. Suppose you met with all terms and condition but still store refuse to exchange or return than you can always complain at Toll Free Customer Care contact number of Big Bazaar – 1800 2662 255 or mail at [email protected]

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