Govt norms to follow to open new store like Big Bazaar and Relaince Retail

Hi! If you are planning to take franchisee of any leading retail outlets like Dmart franchisee or Big Bazaar franchisee please read the full post. The post “Govt norms to follow to open new store like Big Bazaar and Relaince Retail” will help in this.

To open any New Discount store like Big Bazaar and Relaince Retail or like D Mart, there are mainly 2 ways.

  1. You can Open your own outlet / store with your brand name.
  2. If you know how to get franchisee of Dmart or you know how to take franchisee of Big Bazaar? As each and every company has a different prcoedure. ( That we will discuss seprately in another post )

To set up store like Big Bazaar and Relaince Retail by any method you need to follow some govt norms as per state govt and central govt.

Here, you will find the complete list of licenses and certifications that are required to operate the store.

Licence or Certification required by Central and State Govt are as follows.
1. Company Registration / Business and Brand registration

To start any new setup you need to register the name of your firm or company first. For Brand name Ideas you can visit Namelix or Business name generator.

2. GST Certification – Goods and Services Tax Registration

After registration of company and brand name now; need to apply for the Goods and Services Tax registration, it is mandatory for organised business setup in India.

You can do it yourself or you can hire a Charted Accountat or Lawyer. Fees are very nominal for the same. For more detail you can visit govt site.

3. Trade Licence

For a store like Big Bazaar or D Mart you have to apply and get the trade licence from the municipal commitee. As per state law municipal corporation grant permission to carry out any particular business in particular address. The purpose of the Trade Licence is to ensure the safety and hazard free environment to citizen, thus municipal corporation check and does frequent audit as well. You can visit the municipal corporation office of your city where you want to open a store.

4. Shop and Establishment Licence

For any business setup where you need to hire people ( Employee ) you need to follow the labour law act. Depending on the number of employee you will be hiring to run a retail store like Big Bazaar and Reliance thus you need to apply for Shop and Establishment Licence. The Labour department issue the licence on submitting the proper documentation. As per shop and establishment act the chief inspector issue the licence.In some cases it is issued by other inspector as per delegated areas. For an example if your are opening store in Punjab than you need to apply in state of Punjab. You can get full detail here.

5. Fire NOC

You need to apply for the fire NOC for the building in which you are going to open the new retail outlet or the franchisee of any retailers like Big Bazaar, Dmart, Vmart, Vishal Mega Mart. etc. If the shop or store you are opening in any of the mall or complex building for which you are paying rent, than the mall or building owner should apply for Fire Noc in state where building is located. If you are the building owner than you need to apply for the same.

For an example if you want to open store in Gujarat, you can have a detail from this site. Similarly in your state where you have building you need to apply for FIre NOC in that state.

6. Weight and Measurement Licence

This is incorporated by government to ensure that; consumer should get the right quantity for the price he / she is paying. In this the Metrology department ( Weight and Measurement licence department ) may audit and check the calibration of weight machine, measurement instruments in your store. They can also check the qty or weight claimed or printed in any of the packed item. Even label declaration is also an important aspect of this. To get this licence you should apply in the district city where you are operating the store. For an example if you are operating at Jammu than you need to apply at Jammu district. You can check the detail for Jammu here.

7. FSSAI Licence – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Licence

This licence is required if you want to sale food items in you store. Store Like Big bazaar, Dmart, Vishal Megamart are dealing in food as well thus if you take franchisee of any of the store. You need to apply and get the FSSAI licence as well. In simple words we can sayFood Safety and Standards Authority of India is a controlling and auditing authority to ensure that any manufacturer or retailer should not sale any adulterated food stuff. In every district there are food inspector team who reports to District Health Officer, they conduct the joint raid in manufacturing units and retail stores and collect samples and send the samples for a lab test. If sample fail in lab test they inform the concern units and there is punishment and penalty for the same. To apply for FSSAI Licence please click here.

8. Insecticide License

This licence is mandatory for the Store selling insecticide or pesticide. For an example : selling mosquito repellent, Cockroach killer, rodent killer etc, or any pesticide ( which is used in gardening or agriculture ) you need to have insecticide licence. You can apply for the license in a state government portal or you can visit suvidha centre near you in a state where your business is located. For an example for state of Punjab you can find the entire detail here. The same will be issued by the chief agriculture officer.

9. Mandi Licence

In hindi speaking state of India “Mandi” word is used. It (Mandi) means a local government approved association for trading of grains, vegetables and crops. If in your store you want to sale loose staples, vegetables than you need to apply for this licence. Mandi Board of that particular city issue the licence, where you have a store or planning to open a store like Big bazaar or Relaince.

10. PPL LicencePublic Performance License

For those retailers or store owner who want to play music of any type which are protected by copy right act should apply for the PPL licence is must. Phonographic Performance Limited India is not a government body but it have a controls mechanisim for the Public Performance rights. For formalities and licence fees visit here.

Above mentioned documentation are must to start a store like Big Bazaar and Relaince.These Govt norms are mandatory for launching new store.

I always suggest you to cross check the local adminstration laws of the area, district, state; where you have a plan to open a new store or take franchisee of Big Bazaar, Dmart or any leading retailer.