How Offer For Big Bazaar is Made to Attract Customers in 2021?

Indian retail industry was booming prior to pandemic period, leading retailers like Big bazaar, Dmart, Vmart , Vishal Mega Mart and MNC players like Metro Cash and Carry, Best price etc were having a tough competition among them to pull the cutomers. Leading e-tailers like Amazon, Grofer, Flipkart, Big Basket, Snapdeal is also facing the same level of competition. With the advancement in technology marketing has become easy; but at the same time competition has increased a lot. Here we will share “How Offer For Big Bazaar is Made to Attract Customers in 2021”

How offer for Big Bazaar decided and categorised ?

While reviewing all the offers that Big Bazaar was running at Big Bazaar near me at Banglore and D mart near me at Banglore, I was surprised to see the difference; then I prepare a list of Big Bazaar offers 2021 for better understanding. Scroll down for the entire list!

1. Collaboration with leading wallet –  Paytm offer for Big Bazaar

Its oneof the evergreen offer planned by Big Bazaar, in this there is a tieup with Paytm and BigBazaar. In Paytm offer for Big Bazaar if a customer purchase Big Bazaar eGV using Paytm user gets instant discount in paytm between 5 % to 10%. and 10 % discount is a big deal in grocery business. In this “Paytm offer for Big Bazaar” both Paytm and Big Bazaar gets the benefit. Big Bazaar will get customers and thus sale and can beat the competition. On the other hand Paytm generate more user base.

2. Big Bazaar Offers 2021 based on specific day like offers at Big Bazaar on Wednesday ie Wednesday Bazaar

Wednesday Bazaar was a wonderful concept, celebrating Wednesday Bazaar and offers at Big Bazaar on Wednesday was introduced to divert the crowd (customers) to Wednesday from Saturday and Sunday. Means to divert customers to lean day from weekend. As you all might know that in retail, retailers have fixed number of cash tills, cashier and staff, when lot of customers visit on specific day or in weekends there is high chances of loosing the customers and thus business because of compromise in service standrads due to heavy rush. Thus to ease weekends and build Wedneday as a sales day Big Bazaar introduced offers at Big Bazaar on Wednesday.

Wednesday Bazaar is Big Bazaar Offers which is in practice in 2021 as well.

On this day you will get offers on Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Dairy and Breads. I my self have checked offers in Big Bazaar near me on wednesday. Offers at Big Bazaar on wednesday has become very popular; and it was well accepted by the customers; thus company started the Big Bazaar Wednesday offers online as well. To Check today’s Big Bazaar Wednesday offers online visit Officail Site.

3. Offer in Big Bazaar based on festival like Holi offer in Big Bazaar in North and Durga Puja Offer in East.

Some of the offers are designed as per the catchment and tradition. This approach stimulate the emotions of customers. You might have seen advertisement in newspaper or on television; do you still remember the Big Bazaar advertisement ? Offers in Big Bazaar Chennai is different than offer in Big Bazaar Kolkata. Search for offers in Big Bazaar Hyderabad; or offer for Big Bazaar in Raipur today, you will find the diversity. This diversity in offers and advertisement is to bring closeness to customers of that particular area or catchment. Along with this areas and regions specific offer in Big Bazaar in 2021 are the main reason behind the customer engagement.

The Holi offer in Big Bazaar Mathura & Durga Pooja offer in Big Bazaar Kolkata have same purpose ie. getting customers to near by Big Bazaar Store.
4. Seasonal / Assortment related Offer like cooker offer in Big Bazaar

Our consumption pattern changes with the seasonlaity for an example the consumption of dry fruits increases in winter,water bottle sales shoot up in summer compare to winter. During summer vacation the demand for cooking utensils goes up, thus you can see Big Bazaar advertising cooker offer in Big Bazaar or Water Glasses offer in near by Big Bazaar store this summer.

The offer is designed for the customer connect and acceptance of offer in the market. Here I am providing one of the best example of offer which I have observed while travelling to North part of India, when I visited the Big Bazaar near me,( at Big Bazaar Inderlok at Delhi ), I found the cooker offer in Big Bazaar was in inner lid cooker. And when I reached back to Hyderabad after finishing my official tour again I went to Big Bazaar near me Hyderabad, I observed that the cooker offer in Big Bazaar is in outerlid cooker. Do you know the reason why? In south there is a trend of outer lid cooker and in north there is a trend of inner lid cooker; thus the cooker offer in Big Bazaar varies is article as per specific location.

5. Exchange offer in big bazaar 2021 and 2022.

The reality of offer and benefit of this offer is given below, so read the full article. Exchange offer in Big Bazaar 2021 and will also be organise in coming year 2022. This is especially named as Exchange Mela of Big Bazaar. In exchange mela convince the customers about value for their old items. In this if a customer have Newspaper say around 10 kg, he or she will get 50Rs Gv per kg, that come to total of 500Rs GV, which customer can spend on buying non grocery , non FMCG items. Similarly there are lot of items and their value are designed. In india we have a tendency of selling Junk items of our home, even we negotiate with Scrap vendor for better selling price. This Exchange Mela is designed on this basis.

6. Future Pay Cash Back

Future pay cash back is seems to be a very good strategy adopted by Big Bazaar for the customer retention and to engage loyal customer for repeated buying. Everybody like Cash Back isn’t ? There may be a ticket size offer, like on purchase of 1000Rs items you will get 200 Rs as Cash back in your Future Pay app wallet, 100Rs cash back every month for 2 month. Look now when you spend 1000Rs, you are getting 200Rs, who want to loose the money? But to redeem cash back; you need to do online shopping or you need to visit Big Bazaar Store near you.

Similarly there are various products on which Big Bazaar offer for cash back, like Desh Ka Tawa! Dont you feel amazing? Desh Ka Towel ! etc. In this you have to pay say 500Rs and you will get 300Rs as cash back in FP wallet. It means Future Pay Price of that item is 200Rs, but first you pay 500Rs, you will get 300Rs cash back in installment, like 100Rs cash back every month for 3 month.

That’s all in article “How Offer For Big Bazaar is Made to Attract Customers in 2021? Please do comment in a comment box and let me know how you like the post!

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