How to Cancel Order on Big Bazaar App to get Refund?

The leading retailer of the country Big Bazaar has started the online home delivery services for its customer. You can easily get the home delivery of grocery, fashion and general merchandise items with the exciting offers. Big Bazaar online shopping offers door step delivery within 2 hour. In our previous post we have shared “How to contact Big Bazaar Customer Care for help regarding service issue”. In today’s post we will share how to cancel order on Big Bazaar App to get refund? We have also observed that; many people are looking for answer in quora for Big Bazaar return policy online for grocery and fbb. So to understand, how to get refund from Big Bazaar app, read the complete post.

Let us understand the Big Bazaar and Fbb online return policy clearly before jumping to cancellation process.

Fbb online return policy

Fbb or Fashion at Big Bazaar has a clear cut return and refund policy for the customer convenience. These pointers are valid in Big Bazaar return policy online and offline and also for Fbb online return policy.

The main points of Big Bazaar Return Policy online and offline

  1. You have a choice to return the item which you dont like at the time of delivery; or within 15 days of purchase – by visiting Big Bazaar store from where you have purchased. You can easily search for Big Bazaar near me in google search; and visit the Big Bazaar Store near you to return or refund.
  2. If you have made a payment online using any method; you will get the refund in your Future Pay wallet only.
  3. If you have opted for the COD ( Cash on delivery ) then you have to pay the amount in cash for those items which you are keeping.
  4. While accepting cash on delivery you should not pay any amount for items you have returned.
  5. As per Big Bazaar return policy online and offline item which you want to return should be in its orignal packing and should not be soiled or used and should be in saleable condition.

How to Cancel Order on Big Bazaar App ?

If you want to learn how to cancel order on Big Bazaar app or from online shopping portal read the below post.This will be also an answer for your query how to get refund from Big Bazaar app.

Steps To Cancel Order on Big Bazaar App

Steps 1. First login in the app with your registered mobile number.

Steps 2. Go to order history, from the menue bar

Steps 3. Click on the order number for which you have not received the delivery yet. And you want to cancel it.

Step 4. There you will see the order details, now click on the cancel button, to Cancel order on Big Bazaar app.

Importat note : You will be able to do step no 4, if and only if the order is in placed and not in transit.

If your order shows in intransit means, Big Bazaar online shopping App team has picked your order and processed for delivery. And now you can not cancel order on Big Bazaar app.

How to get Refund from Big Bazaar App if the order is showing in Intransit ?

The order is showing in transit and still you want to cancel the order on Big Bazaar app? If your answer is “Yes” than Please wait till the time the delivery boy come to your door step with delivery. Just request the delivery boy to cancel the full order, or cancel the order of item which you do not want during delivery

Big Bazaar – refund not received

Do not worry, if even after cancelling the order you have not received the refund from Big Bazaar. There is a simple way of process which you need to follow. You should have Big Bazaar customer care number and Big Bazaar customer care email id that will help you to get the refund quickly and easily.

Point to remember to get refund from Big Bazaar App.

  1. If you have paid online the refunded amount will be credited in your Future pay wallet in a week time.
  2. If its a cash on delivery, just return the goods that you dont want to take and don’t pay for it.
  3. While taking Big Bazaar Online Home Delivery for fashion just remember the Fbb online return policy which is mentioned above.

Big Bazaar online return policy is very simple and easy; incase you face any challenges contact their customer service team.

Benefit with the Big Bazaar Online shopping app

You can visit any of the nearest Big Bazaar store to meet the customer service department and get your complain registered.

Hope the post “How to cancel order on Big Bazaar App to get refund” is useful for you. Please do comment if you have any query.

Can you cancel your order in Big Bazaar Online shopping app?

Yes you can cancel order on Big Bazaar app. But this cancelation should be done before your order status changed to transit.


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