How to Get Duplicate Bill From Big Bazaar Online?

Hi! friend today’s post, How to Get Duplicate Bill From Big Bazaar Online, is a very important post as many customer face the problem and they search the solution. Here we will share the entire detail and process. By the end of the post you will be aware how to get Big Bazaar bill online? In online shopping is this feature available?

How to Get Big Bazaar Duplicate Bill?

Why customer need duplicate bill? As observed when customer has to exchange or refund the items purchsed from Big Bazaar ( Fbb Big Bazaar ) either online or offline. Customers need a bill at that moment. When they dont have a bill they look forward the ways to get duplicate bill. As per companys refund, return and exchange policy bill is mandatory.

Now if you have ordered online; and you want to know how to get Big Bazaar bill online, read the post.

How to get Duplicate Bill From Big Bazaar?

Getting a duplicate bill from Big Bazaar will be an easy task if just remebmer the few points as mentioned below

In offline / instore billing case follow the steps to get the duplicate Bill from Big Bazaar.

  1. Visit the Big Bazaar store near to you from where you purchased the items.
  2. Before visiting the store try to collect few details which may helo store to retrive your data from the system
  3. Date of purchase
  4. At what time billing was done
  5. Total value of the bill.
  6. Do remember what are the items you purchased in that bill.
  7. Its always better to remmebr themode of payment as well.

Why we are suggesting above point is when you approach the store management they will ask you about these information as it will help to retrive the data. And they will easily provide you rhe duplicate bill of Big Bazaar or Fbb Big Bazaar. All these is possible within 15 to 20 Days. Beyond mentioned time frame it may take time to get it from head office level.

How to get Big Bazaar Bill Online?

Now its easy to shop online from Big Bazaar, be its fashion or grocery. In case you need duplicate from big bazaar for your online shopping. Just keep the transaction number with you. Visit the Big Bazaar store where you place an order for home delivery. Meet the store management team and request for the duplicate online bill.

Please note there is no way you can print your bill online for Big Bazaar as of now.

Which billing Software used by Big Bazaar?

Big bazaar uses TP Linux software for billing. Read more anout the software here.

Hope you get the answer you are looking for.