Is Big Bazaar Closed Permanently? Why Big Bazaar is closed?

Hi! friends in today’s post we will answer the question raised by the public. We will try our best to keep the answer short and crisp. Most of the readers are asking Why Big Bazaar is closed? Is Big Bazaar Closed Permanently? Is Big Bazaar shutting down? Is the Fbb store also closing down? When will the Big Bazaar reopen now? To get the answer please read the post.

Why Big Bazaar is closed?

Due to the financial crunch and lack of funding the owner of the company could not run the store anymore, thus stores are getting closed.

Is Big Bazaar Closed Permanently?

Yes! as more than 260 store of Big Bazaar and FBB stores are takeover by the Reliance Ltd due to nonpayment of debt the store of Big Bazaar Closed Permanently.

Big Bazaar opening time today

There are only a few stores that are operating for the customers but they also don’t have proper items to sell. The Big Bazaar’s opening time today is 9 Am to 10:00 Pm.

Is Big Bazaar going to close forever?

Yes! at present when the owner doesn’t have funds, top management also left, and most of the store is closed. Even lenders are pulling the company to court in such a condition Big Bazaar is not able to survive anymore in India and is going to be permanently close forever in India.

Is Big Bazaar closed in India?

Yes, Big Bazaar is closed in India, even in metro cities where the people were crazy about it. Big Bazaar closed in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata only a few stores are operational.

Does Reliance own Big Bazaar?

Technically no! as the legal battle between Amazon and Future Group to sell Big Bazaar to Reliance Retail Ltd is still in court. Reliance took over the charges of approx 260 stores of Big Bazaar and FBB to recover its debt or retail space which they rent out to Future group.

Big Bazaar is closed now and the new format which is opening in Place of Big Bazaar is Smart Bazaar and in place of FBB store Reliance Trends is coming up.

Hope now all questions are answered here!

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