Is Big Bazaar, Dmart Open On Holi Today Full Detail.

First of all, We would like to wish a very happy Holi to our readers! Many of our readers are asking questions in a comment box Is Dmart Open on Holi Today? Will Big Bazaar Open on Holi Today? What will be the Dmart Timings on Holi? Seeing this type of question we have decided to write a post Is Big Bazaar, Dmart Open On Holi Today? Thus to know the exact answer read the entire post.

In our previous post, we mentioned why Big Bazaar Stores are closed and when Big Bazaar will open hope you got the answer that you were looking for. Let’s check Is Dmart Open On Holi?

Is Dmart Open On Holi?

Please note on holi Dmart Management has decided to open the store in the second half of the day! Yes the store of Dmart will open today in holi to caters the need of the customers. The Dmart Opening Time in holi today vary from location to location. Below we have given the opening times of dmart stores today on holi.

Dmart Opening Timings On Holi Today

Dmart StoreDmart Opening Timing on Holi
Dmart Amritsar3:00PM
Dmart Jalandhar3:00 PM
Dmart Ludhiana3:00 PM
Dmart Lucknow4:00 PM
Dmart Banglore2:30PM
Dmart Kolkata3:00Pm
Dmart Delhi3:00Pm
Dmart Nashik3:00 PM
Dmart Jaipur3:30PM
Dmart Mumbai3:.00Pm
Yes, Dmart Open On Holi Today – Check today’s Dmart timings on Holi.

As mentioned earlier Big Bazaar stores are closed. Big Bazaar store will not open even in Holi. If you want to know about Big Bazaar New Name click on the link.

What will be the Holi offer in Dmart Today?

On the occasion of Holi in the northern part of India, Walmart has planned to give a lot of good offers in groceries and processed food categories. You will find the offers in oil, dry fruits, sweets, and coldrinks.

So, what are you waiting for to avail the offer rush to your nearest store!

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