Latest Electric Pencil Sharpeners – School Gadgets Review 2021 (Top 5)


Our top electric pencil sharpener is the AFMAT. This sharpener is an easy to use plug-in sharpener that is ideal for heavy duty use. This pencil sharpener is a must-have for teachers and engineers who constantly use pencils for demanding tasks. It is powerful enough to take on number two pencils and bring them to a perfect point in less than five seconds, it has a durable and rugged helical blade that is durable enough to sharpen well over six thousand times another plus to this solidly made afmat pencil sharpener is its efficiency and speed the design considers the user safety by adding an auto stop feature that stuff the sharpener when the shaving tray is not closed properly removed or overheating we like that this pro bezel sharpener will automatically start working once you insert a pencil into it and will stop working once sharpening is complete overall we think this is the most efficient and robustly made device of those we’ve reviewed today.

Pros : 

  • This sharpener is perfect for graphite and colored pencils. 
  • It has heavy duty blades for all pencil types.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

Cons : 

  • It is not portable enough. 

This AFMAT sharpener is a reliable unit that works well for colored pencils graphite and for sharpening any writing coloring or drawing pencils.

2. X-acto

The second product on our list is the x-acto. Here we have a tool that makes the perfect companion for indoor and outdoor activities and features a flyaway helical cutter system engineer for durability and precision the steel cutter on this tool offers up to 33 times blade durability than other traditional sharpeners you’ll find in the market likely magnesium technology found on other devices this product features smart stop technology which prevents overheating or over sharpening pencils it is dependable for long-term use and requires little or no maintenance at all thanks to the professional outer design this sharpener can survive a rough use while functioning optimally furthermore the design of the sharpener makes it suitable for any classroom use as it can be adjusted to sharpen 6 pencil sizes and its non-skid base pad reduces noise and regular movement on smooth surfaces although this pencil sharpener is specifically designed for classroom use it will come in handy for office use owing to the multi-hole dial and large shaving receptacle to take on different pencil sizes 

Pros : 

  • The x-acto sharpener can handle a broad range of pencils.
  • It is an ideal tool for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It has a durable flyaway cutter system however 

Cons : 

  • The blade can get blunt fairly quickly. 

This sharpener is a good choice for schools offices and homes that want a quiet sharpener.

3. Trunium

The third product on our list is the trunium. Trunium is a 1.01 pound electric pencil sharpener that features the addition of multiple power source inputs this distinctive characteristic makes it easier for users to power the sharpener using a usb cable or ac adapter once fully charged the trunnion pencil sharpener can sharpen pencils pretty much anywhere from schools to construction sites crafted from top-notch materials this pencil sharpener always delivers it is equipped with helical blades that pull the pencil in and sharpen it to a pointed tip this tool does an excellent job of improving your drawing and coloring ability by delivering second-to-none sharpening for all six to eight millimeter pencils we like that the shaving waste container is perfectly sealed right out of the box and is also designed to hold up to a handful of pencil shavings to save the stress of constantly emptying it moreover the cutter system on this pencil sharpener is designed to stop automatically once the machine detects the pencil sharpening process is complete this process usually takes not more than five seconds extruding broken leads as it does so lastly we found that the trunnium electric pencil sharpener is straightforward to use and clean up after and will always prove helpful in the classroom.

Pros : 

  • It is easy to use and maintain the design of this product promotes long use.
  • The helical blades are constructed from quality material.

Cons : 

  • The motor is pretty loud.

The trunnion pencil sharpener with its powerful motor and portability is best for heavy duty home office or school usage.

4. Jarlink

Up next in fourth place is the Jarlink. The beauty of every electronic pencil sharpener is in its ability to deliver a sharp pointed tip to serve every writing drawing and coloring purpose this product provides stellar sharpening and is perfect for both colored pencils for your child’s homework and the number two pencils for any sketch activity we love that this product is designed with the safety of the user in mind four non-slip pads are added to the bottom of this unit making it possible for you to use it on smooth surfaces without it slipping off plus compared to other electronic pencil sharpeners the jar link reduces noise and vibration that could be generated due to the rotation of the motor this pencil sharpener is strong enough to sharpen pencils at a record time of 5 seconds leaving you with a pointed tip what’s more this device has a large blade and a durable motor that can sharpen pencils up to six thousand times we also like that it has a tiny shaving entrance of eight millimeters in diameter that prevents your child’s finger from getting stuck in complementing the non-slip pad addition is its auto stop safety feature that stops the tool once it starts overheating this innovation makes the jarling electric pencil sharpener a safe tool for schools.

Pros : 

  • This product has a very sharp blades for effective sharpening.
  • It is suitable for journaling and visual art.
  • It does not generate much noise.

Cons : 

  • The durability of this tool needs improvement 

If you are looking for a convenient pencil sharpener with unique features this sharpener will do just the trick.

5. Bostitch

The fifth product on our list is the Bostitch. Do you want to replace a very loud manual sharpener well the bow stage pencil sharpener might just be what you need it is a quiet compact tool used in schools and offices with small workspaces featuring a durable cutter this electronic device has a safety switch that protects both the user and the sharpener itself from braking during use equipped with magna safe technology the device automatically stops functioning once the shaving tray is pulled out in addition to that the shaving tray material is meticulously designed to hold a substantial amount of waste so you don’t have to constantly take out the tray to clean it pencil sharpening is all about precision and this product has got you covered with the addition of a durable hhc cutter which helps facilitate accuracy and a stall-free sharpening for up to four times longer if you’re an engineer or someone with a flare for perfectly sharpened pencils we think this is the tool for you.

Pros : 

  • It is perfect for home and school.
  • It is straightforward to use and set up.
  • It’s made of durable plastic and steel.

Cons : 

  • Ths pencil sharpener has a weak motor and the tool can fall apart easily after extended use. 

This pencil sharpener prevents over sharpening and is suitable for homes offices and schools.