Operations & Business Reviews Tools Of Big Bazaar Retail Stores In India

Hello friends! today in this post we will share tools and facilities used in Big Bazaar. This post on “Operations & Business Reviews Tools Of Big Bazaar”. This will help you to understand the question like; what are the tools and facilities used in Big Bazaar to manage such a huge store. This are basically a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly mechanisim of reviews which the store management need to do.

Reviews tools of Big Bazaar Retail Stores for Operations excellence

This is very useful for those who wanted to make career in retail industry in India. In our previous post we covered “Return and exchange policy of Big Bazaar” and “Big Bazaar Display Strategy“, you must read that as well.

The topic is useful for
  1. Students doing degree or diploma in retail management.
  2. For those who want to start ones own retail store like Big Bazaar or want to take franchisee of Big Bazaar, Dmart, Vmart, Vishal Mega Mart or of any other retail outlet.
  3. For those who want to be a store manager.
  4. Can be useful for facing the interview for the latest job vacancy of store manager in Big Bazaar in 2022.
  5. Those who are working in Indian retail store and want promotion;The topic “what are the tools and facilities used in Big Bazaar” will help them to develop skills.
The Reviews Tools Of Big Bazaar is crucial to understand what is Big Bazaar ? How stores like Big Bazaar can be run smoothly?
Review Mechanism tools.

Reviewing performance is one of the key activities of any business. It’s rightly said that, “Anything that gets measured gets controlled”. Review mechanism help drive results by focusing on Key Performing Indicators of any business. It helps benchmarking the current performance against the set goals and drive the behavior and actions to work on the opportunity areas and thus achieve the desired business objective.

Big Bazaar online shopping grocery and fashion delivery business is also reviewed with this.

• Audits and Reviews
• Dashboards and Trackers

Reviews and Audits

Reviews and Audits plays a very important role in retail business. Regular internal audits and checks ensure that stores are working in alignment to business goals; and the stores are trading smoothly. It’s a health check of a store from various perspectives.

Purpose of Reviews and Audits is to benchmark the performance of a store on a particular KPI against the set goals that helps to identify the opportunity areas to accomplish the defined business objective.

1. Commercail Audits

This is a quarterly audit, done by external registered CA firm, the main focus area is commercial aspetcs. It include cash department, goods receiving department, delivery; customer service and sales return.

Audits of loss prevention is also the part of this.

2. Mannan Audits

Manan audits are audits of all the processes and SOP ( Standard Operating Procedure) of the store. All departments like, Shop Floor, CSD, Security, House Keeping, Cash Room, Maintenance; Visual merchandising, Good receiving, Human Resource, Admin, Operations are deeply examine and observed. Deviation or voilation of the SOP will be captured and highlighted in this.

3. Stock Audits

Again its a quarterly audits for identifying the shrinkage in store. Normally done by joint team ( 3rd party and store team ).

4. Mystery Shopping Audits

Normaly the company conducts this audits on half yearly basis. In this audit company hires an agency that send the mystery shopper in a store to check the ambience & service standard in store. Audits statrs from Parking area to washroom and shop floor. Mystery auditor audits the staff grooming; service offered by staff; billing and all touch points of the store. No intimatiom is provided to store before or during this audits.

5. Mrs Anita Audits

Its a special audit organised by Big Bazaar only. After every big promotions like Maha bachat 2021, Sabse Saste 5 Din, Republic Day Sabse Saste 6 Din. Diwali Bumper Mahabachat Offers 2021. This audits is conducted after offers to check store readiness for normal business periods, to cross check display standards, VM signages, cleaning and hygiene. Main purpose is to check is the store back in its shape or not?

Other offers like Fbb kurti sales offers in 2021 and promotion like Ticket Size offers are normal offer and in such cases Anita audits asre not scheduled after promotions.

Dashboards and Trackers As Business Reviews Tools in Big Bazaar
1. Daily Business Analytics.

It covers department wise sales, week on week growth, net margin, real gross margin, stock cover days, year on year growth and sales run rate.

2. Inventory Dash Board.

Its cover the stock availability as per department, sub department, supplier wise and merchandise category wise. Stock days cover as per sales run rate, ageing of stock, and article gaps.

3. Loyalty Penetration Tracking

One of the important dasboard that helps in identifying how the customer are thinking about the store? How much is the loyalty base, growth pattern on month on month basis. Sales penetration through loyal customers, their buying patterns, buying frequency, ticket size, basket size and many more can be easily track.

You can make dashboard and tracking formats as per your requirements.

As you might be knowing, Big Bazaar has launched Big Bazaar online shopping app. One can download the Big Bazaar app for online shopping. Big Bazaar app for grocery offers the delivery at door step with 2 hours. Shop Big Bazaar app download link can be find here. This Big Bazaar app link can be use to download the same.

KPI for Online
ODR – Order Defect Ratio

Order defect ratio can be caclulated as per below formula

Number of defective order / Total number of orders.

  • Defective orders – An order for which we can not deliver the stock to customers.
  • This happens because of unavailibility of stocks.
  • Main reason is stock variation between physical stock and system stock.
OTD – On Time Delivery

Big Bazaar app for home delivery promises 2 hour TAT. Customers should get the item delivered to his / her doorstep with in 2 hours after placing the order.

Hope this post has helped you for understanding Operations & Business Reviews Tools Of Big Bazaar.

There are many other parameters which can be measured, will try to share in other post.