How to Register For Big Bazaar Exchange Offer free Pickup Service in 2022?

Hi! friends hope now you must be aware that the Big Bazaar Exchange Offer 2022 has been started. In our previous post we have shared the entire detail and terms and conditions of Big Bazaar Exhange offers this year. How you can avail the latest Big Bazaar exchange offer? We are getting lot of comments in our comment box as our readers want to know How to Register For Big Bazaar Exchange Offer free Pickup Service in 2022? Thus we will be sharing the answer for the question asked by one of our reader “How can I register a request for pickup, for the items to be exchanged from home?

Steps to Register in Big Bazaar Exchange Offer for Free pick up Service.

Here we will be sharing the steps which you need to follow to register your self to avail free pick up service. You might have check Big Bazaar exchange offer Rate card. And now to avail Free pick up Service of old items in Big Bazaar Exchange Offer from your home you need to register yourself.

Ways to register for Big Bazaar exchange offer Free Pick up service.

  1. Call or write mail to customer service department of Big Bazaar.
  2. Contact the nearby Big Bazaar Store and request them for pickup
  3. Register for free pick up service during exchange offer in Big Bazaar Portal.

Steps to Register for Free Pick Up Service for Great Xchange Offer.

  1. Open the official website, register yourself
  2. You can click here and download the app, where you can registre yorself for exchange offer free pick up.
  3. Don’t forget to select the Big Bazaar Store Near Me location as it will help in fast process.
  4. You will get the call back in the mobile number which you have registered.
  5. For free pickup service for this exchange offer registre in Big Bazaar app as mentioned.

Hope this step will solve your query. If still you are not able to register write a mail at