What will happen with Big Bazaar Profit Club Card After Reliance Takeover?

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Friends as you all know Big Bazaar was considered to be the pioneer in the Indian retail industry. Many of us were used to doing shopping and saving a lot! The loyalty program was one of the best in the sector. The Payback card or the Big Profit club card of Big Bazaar was the winning edge for both company and the consumer. Now as we all know almost all the Big Bazaar stores are closed permanently. And the chances of reopening the stores seem to be very difficult. In most of these locations Reliance, Smart Bazaar has been launched. To know the Smart Bazaar Near Me Address, Opening Hours, and Contact you can follow the link.

Why did Reliance refuse to Buy Big Bazaar?

You might have heard the news that Reliance was interested to buy the Future Group Retail Business, but due to legal complications and delay Reliance Refuse to purchase the Big Bazaar at 24000 Core Rupees. Many people had an expectation from this deal, be a supplier, vendor, or consumer who invested in the Big Bazaar profit club card and Reliance collaboration was the only way to get their money back.

What will happen with the Profit club cards after Reliance’s takeover of Big Bazaar through NCLT?

As we all know that at present Reliance refused to buy the Future group Retail assets and the Banks that invested in the Future group have declared the group insolvent and the insolvency procedure has been started as per media reports. Suppose The Reliance bids at NCLT and takeover the Big Bazaar from there what will happen with the Profit club cards after Reliance’s takeover?

As of now, customers who invested in a Profit club card of Big Bazaar are worried about their investment as even the call center numbers are not working and the customer care mail id is also not working. Thus the customers are worried. Even they can not visit the Big Bazaar store as almost all the stores are closed down.

The New Reliance Smart Bazaar is a completely different company that belongs to Reliance Retail. As Reliance has not purchased Big Bazaar thus technically customers can not ask them to refund their amount.

There may be a solution for the Big Bazaar Profit club card after Reliance takeover

We need to understand why such a big company and customer-oriented company not refunding the Big Bazaar Profit club card amount? Even a few customers have completed the cancellation and refund process of the profit club cards. The answer is simple when any company is dragged to NCLT and the bank declares its investment in such a company as NPA, thank freeze the Bank account, and the company can not do any banking activity.

There is still a chance for the Big Bazaar customers who are holding the Profit club card of Big Bazaar, and the chance is Reliance takeover of Big Bazaar bidding in insolvency procedures. Then only the Profit club card after the Reliance takeover will be taken care of by Reliance as no one want to lose the customer in this competitive environment.

Are all the stores of Big Bazaar in India closed permanently?

Big Bazaar in India was going through a very rough phase due to a financial crunch, there was hardly any budget to run the operation of Big Bazaar Stores in India. Thus almost all the store in Big Bazaar In India has been shut down.

It’s an external factor that leads to such an ending of the retail giant, but don’t know why we still love the name Big Bazaar!