When will Big Bazaar Open? Is Big Bazaar Open Today Near Me?

Hi! friend welcome theo the post “When will Big Bazaar Open? Is Big Bazaar Open Today Near Me” here wwe will share the answer for the question what most of the readers are asking in a comment box. We have received several questions about exchange offers like “we got have exchange offer coupon but Big Bazar closed from 28 feb 2022. why Big Bazaar is closed today? How can I use exchange coupon now? Is Big Bazaar near me open today? Is Big Bazaar salt lake open today in Kolkata? Is Big Bazaar Patna open today? Why Big Bazaar shut down?

When will Big Bazaar reopen? Yes we are going to answer all the questions here! Please read the entire post to know the answer. We will name few Big Bazaar Storee that are open today, if these are the near by your locality you can use and redeem your GV; Xchange voucher coupon; Big Bazaar profit club card, Future pay cash balance there.

Is Big Bazaar Sold? Is Reliance takeover Big Bazaar?

Please note the rumor which is prevailing in the market that Big Bazaar shut down its operation in India is not completely true. As per media Big Bazaar takeover by Reliance is an hostile takeover. As Big Bazaar sold to Reliance recently, thus for handover process stores of Big Bazaar are closed.

Why Big Bazaar is Closed Today?

As mentioned above Reliance takeover Big Bazaar charges last week, thus for completing the take over process Big Bazaar shut down was inititated. Thus the Big Bazaar is closed today. For an example Big Bazaar vishrantwadi, Big Bazaar lake mall all are closed today just for completing the process of Big Bazaar takeover by reliance.

When will Big Bazaar open? When Big Bazaar Patna open today?

This is the questions we are getting in comment box when will Big Bazaar open? Customers from Big Bazaar Patna, Vishrantwadi, Lake mall, Sahara mall all customers are asking is Big Bazaar near me open today? Here we would like to share when will Big Bazaar re-open?

Please note Big Bazaar will opening process will take approx 15 to 20 days more. During this period total transaction of Big Bazaar takeover by Reliance will be completed. After that store will be prepared for customer service and will open for the customer entry soon.

How you will know Big Bazaar Patna open today or not?

As on today Patna Big Bazaar is closed, and again it may take 15 to 20 days time so that it can cater the customer again. Please note baring few Big Bazaar Store in North, East, West and South all store are closed, even Big Bazaar Patna is not opened today.

Will I be able to use Big Bazaar profit club card balance when Big Bazaar will re-open?

In the light of current scenario Big Bazaar as an organisation keep the loyal customers ( Big Bazaar members) on top priorities. As mentioned above Big Bazaar stores will be opened within 15 to 20 days and will serve the customers again.

Can I use my Future Pay Balance in Reliance in future?

Yes! Both company are customer friendly and you will be happy to know that they will definitely take care of their customers and Big Bazaar members. Those who have balance in future pay app, they will be able to use it in Reliance. For this company will do some internal adjustment but what I think is they will definitely take care of customers, and you can use your Future Pay Balance in Reliance in future.

Can I use Big Bazaar Profit Card Balance in Reliance store Now?

Right now Big Bazaar profit club card balance in your card is safe. You can use the same balance amount in Big Bazaar store in near future when the Big Bazaar will open. So don’t worry your balance is safe with Big Bazaar it can be used in future.

If Big Bazaar Profit club card money lapse what you need to do?

Please note Big Bazaar Profit club card money lapses after 18 months of membership and that also free balance of Rs 2000. So please check are you completing 18 months soon, or within 15 to 20 days? As Big Bazaar will re open with in 15 to 20 days. After the reopening of Big Bazaar store again you will be able to use the Future Pay Balance or BBPC Balance in Big Bazaar Reliance store in future.

Hope you got the answer for all your queries here. For more information please dont hesitate to write in a comment box. Just keep on tracking is Big Bazaar Open Today Near Me or not?

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