Big Bazaar Dry Fruits Combo Offer Price Today in 2024.

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Here we will also share the Big Bazaar Dry Fruits combo offer as well. After seeing the price you may want to order online from Bigbazaar. In this post we will also share how to order Dryfruits online from Big Bazaar in 2024 read the entire post. To know more details about the Latest Big Bazaar Dry Fruits Combo Offer today in 2024.

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First Check Big Bazaar Dry Fruits Quality.

Big Bazaar dry fruits are known for their nutritional value, unique flavors, and long shelf life. Thus before comparing the price online, it’s always better to check the quality aspects of the products. Below we are sharing the list of parameters that you should check before buying Dry Fruits.

  • Appearance and Texture -That’s the first thing that gives the physical quality of the dry fruits.
  • Aroma: Reveals freshness, more over you can check if any artificial chemical is used to give a fresh look.
  • Taste: One of the ways to find the quality and freshness of the products
  • Moisture Content: It should be within recommended range only.
  • Nutritional Value: Should be mentioned on the package and compared with dry fruits’ actual nutritional value.
  • Packaging: This should be environment friendly and should not affect the Nutritional Value of the Dry Fruits.
  • Brand Reputation: Big Bazaar is a big brand in India and abroad thus you can Trust the sister concern of Big Bazaar as well.
  • Pricing: Comes at the end, because the quality of Dry Fruits and its grading is the key factor.

Big Bazaar Dry Fruits Offer Price.

Below is the list of Dry Fruits Price in Big Bazaar today. If you are planning to buy Dry Fruits for yourself or as a gift for someone please keep in mind the quality parameters check that we suggested in the above paragraph.

S.NoBig Bazaar Dry Fruits Price ListMRPBig Bazaar Dry Fruits Offer Price
1 Badam (Almonds) 500 gms545374
2 California Almonds 1 kg1349734
4Nutraj California Almonds 1 kg1149725
5California Almonds 500 gms749375
6Nutraj Snack Rite Roasted & Salted Almonds 150 gms299149.5
7Nutraj Cashews 500 gms699429
8Nutraj Snack Rite Roasted & Salted Cashew 150 gms299149.5
9Nutraj Pista 400 gms699389
10Nutraj Iranian Pistachios (Pista) 200 gms449285
11Pista Magaz 200 gms575475
12Pista Salted Irani (Pistachios) 200 gms319249
13Good Life Badan 500gm540372
14Good Life Badam 1 kg 1150719
15Nutraj Dry Dates  500gms249209
16Iranian Wet Dates 400gm200139
17Nutraj Fard Premium Dates 500 gms299199
18Charoli 100 gms261199
19Anjeer (Figs) 250 gms375329
20Nutraj California Walnut Kernels (Akrod Magaj) 250 gms499310
21Nutraj Daily Walnut Kernels 500 gms899489
22Nutraj California Whole Walnut (Akrod) 1 kg999449
23Makhana (Foxnuts) 100 gms11888
24Mixed Dry Fruits 200 gms183122
25Nutraj Mix Dry Fruits 450 gms399259
26 Cranberry Whole 100 gms14999
27Dry Apricot 200 gms353256
28Kismis Indian (Raisins) 500 gms181129
29Nutraj Raisins (Kishmish)  500 gms299139
31Black Raisins Seedless (Kismis) 200 gms15094
Big Bazaar Dry Fruits Offer Price Today

Please note the above prices are for this month, but this can be changed depending on the new procurement rates and market.

Big Bazaar Dry Fruits Combo Offer

Looking for the Combo offer of dry fruits in Big Bazaar. Here we are sharing the latest offers of the month.

S.NoCombo OffersMRPPrice For Combo
1 Badam (Almonds) 500 gms  +   California Almonds 1 kg18941100
2Nutraj California Almonds 1 kg   +   California Almonds 500 gms18981099

How to Order Dryfruits Online from Big Bazaar in 2024?

Big Bazaar Online Shopping site address has been changed, after the rebranding as Smart Bazaar. In 2024 you can shop easily by downloading the app or using our online website.