How Online Big Bazaar Grocery App Can Earn Cash Back?

How Online Big Bazaar Grocery App Can Earn Cash Back? It seems to be very Interesting topic, isn’t? Yes this special post is for our reader; who want to save and earn using Big Bazaar online shopping grocery app. In our previous post we have explained the way and provide you the link how you can download the App for your android and iOS device. Big Bazaar online shopping grocery app not only offer the cash back but also offer free delivery to your door step. Home delivery with in 2 hours. Here we will share how you should do Online Big Bazaar Grocery shopping to earn maximum cash back and benefits.

Online Big Bazaar Grocery Shopping Tips

If you are planning to buy the grocery from Big Bazaar online shopping app follow the below mentioned tips. These tips will help you to save more and earn more in your Online Big Bazaar Grocery Shopping.

  1. Always plan shopping before 10th of every month. As in this period offers are very good.
  2. Check the product where Online Big Bazaar Grocery items are having a cash back. That cash back amount will be credited to your future pay wallet. If you dont have a one you can download from here. And don’t forget to registre the same mobile number with Future pay wallet which you have registred with the Online Big Bazaar Grocery Shopping App. You can use the same cash back for further purchases. Check the Payment options available for online shopping in Big Bazaar app.
  3. Plan your buying for fresh and vegetables in advance, always order vegetables and fruits on Wedneday. As in Wednesday Bazaar there are heavy discounts on basic items. Like you will get Potato at 9Rs/Kg, Onion at 9Rs/Kg.
  4. Always check for the TSO ( Ticket Size Offer ). While opting for Online Big Bazaar Grocery Shopping or Fashion or Home or Electronics shopping, always look is there any TSO offer running. In this offer when your bill amount exceeds certain amount, you will get the certain amount of cash back in your Future pay wallet. The below photo explain the offer.
Tips to Earn Cash Back From Online Big Bazaar Grocery App.

These are the above four tips using which online shopper can save and earn more using online Big Bazaar Grocery app. Please do write how you like the shopping tips.

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