Who Is The Owner of Big Bazaar in 2022?- Big Bazaar Owner

Hi! friends welcome to BigBazaar online shopping site blog. In this blog today we will cover a very simple question as most of the people are asking this in the comment box. Recently people started searching and asking Who Is The Owner of Big Bazaar in 2022? Thus in tis post we will discuss in short Who is owner of Big Bazaar?

Who Is The Owner of Big Bazaar?

Why people are searching and asking Who is Big Bazaar owner in 2022? Lets understand that first, there was a news in past that that the renowned organisation Future Group was is bad financial condition and due to lockdown and curfews almost in every part of India, the retail outlets of Future groups were closed, These were Big Bazaar, Easy Day, Central, Food hall, Heritage, Nilgiris etc.

As cash flow was not there thus Mr Kishore Biyani, who is the owner of the famous brand Big Bazaar was forced to look for the options to sale it group in order to pay debt and liabilities. Thus Mr Kishore Byani, who is the owner of Big Bazaar still in 2022 had a deal with Reliance retail to sale off its entire group and Reliance was also ready.

Who is the owner of Big Bazaar in India now?

There was the deal with Reliance but another company Amazon raise an objection in the deal and this deal is not completed till date, thus still Mr Kishore Byani is the Big Bazaar owner and who is heading the entire group till the time any decission comes.

Thus as per the information in other news and media as of now Mr Kishore Biyani is the owner.

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