How to Redeem and Use Future Pay Wallet Online for shopping at Big Bazaar?

Hi! everyone today I’m going to share how you can use the future pay cashback to shop at As most of the reader were asking how to redeem future pay wallet online and do grocery online shopping? So in this post I will share; Where is Future Pay accepted? How do you cash Future Pay? How to transfer money from future pay wallet to bank account? You will get an answer for all such questions in this post. Scroll down to read the full post.

What is Future pay Wallet?

Futurepay is the future group wallet in which you can earn and redeem cashback get lots of member rewards know about latest offers across various future group brands like Big Bazaar, fbb,  Central,  Brand factory etc.

Where can I use Big Bazaar Future Pay Wallet?

You can use Future Pay Wallet in Future group retail stores for offline and online shopping. The money uploaded on Future pay wallet app or Future Pay Free Cash Offer or Future pay wallet offer can be use in respective retail or online formats. Like, Fbb Online ( Fashion at Big Bazaar ), Big Bazaar, Central, Brand Factory, Easy Day, Heritage etc. I will now share with you how you can earn future pay cashback on

How you can earn cashback in Future Pay Wallet online from

To avail Future Pay Free Cash Offer follow the below mentioned steps.

  • If you don’t have the app then download the app from play store and app store it’s available for both android and ios version.
  • Log on to
  • You can earn cashback from the ongoing cashback offers for example right now the ongoing offer is rupees 100 cashback on a minimum shopping of 1300 rupees. Always check the offer properly before purchasing the items online from Fbb online; Big Bazaar online; Brandfactory or Central.
  •  You can also avail cashback by shopping for products which are on future pay price; for example dinner set at rupees 399 only here the listed price is rupees 599. You will pay the listed price of 599 and now you will get back rupees 200 cashback in your future pay wallet. This cashback will be credited to your future pay account in seven days.

How to check future pay wallet balance?

In order to check Future Pay Wallet balance while doing online shopping follow the follwing steps.

  • Go to orders tab
  • Check future pay balance.
  • You can use for shopping if you have a balance in Big Bazaar wallet you can do shopping from Big Bazaar online shopping site.
How you can use this cashback balance to shop groceries, home kitchen and electronic items at
  1. Keep a cart ready.
  2. Click on checkout button.
  3. Click future pay as checkout mode.
  4. Once you choose Future Pay the app will automatically debit the amount from your wallet.
  5. If the bill value is higher than the cashback in your account, it will ask you to top up the balance cash using debit card, credit card or upi.
  6. So its easy to place order and Redeem and Use Future Pay Wallet Online while shopping at Click now on and get many such exciting cashback offers.

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