How to Use Fbb Wallet Balance Online for Shopping?

Hi! friends this post is going to be very important as most of the times the shoppers connected to Big Bazaar keep on searching and asking How can I use FBB wallet balance? Can I use FBB wallet money in Big Bazaar? Or How to use future pay wallet money online? So in today’s post we will share the entire detail on Fbb wallet balance inquiry. Before we jump on Fbb wallet balance check lets understand how it works.

What is Fbb wallet?

Fbb wallet stands for Fashion at Big Bazaar wallet, like any other digital wallet, future group has launcehed the digital wallet by the name of Future Pay. Android user can download the Future pay app from google play store. In this you can find the wallet for different stores of Big Bazaar like Big Bazaar, Central, Fbb, Easy Day, Brand Factory and Home Town. Which you can see after downloading the app and registering yourself than go to wallet section.

How to add Fbb Wallet balance online?

There are 2 methods by which you can add up the balance in your fbb wallet for online shopping at FBB Online Store.

  1. You can add the amount using debit or credit card
  2. Visit the Fbb store near you and request the customer service desk in store to add the amount for which you need to pay the amount which you want to add.
  3. Buy clothes from FBB store or online during cash back period thus you will get the cash back in a wallet.

Before you opt for fbb online shopping using app or planning to buy from Fbb stores near you. Please do the Fbb wallet balance enquiry using Future Pay app.

How to doFBB Wallet Balance enquiry check?

  • First Step is to download the Future pay app
  • Second Step is to login using your credentials.
  • Thirs steps, click on the wallet icon which is shown on the bottom left of the app.
  • There you will find various store wallet, thats mentioned above.

How to Use Fbb Wallet Balance Online for Shopping?

If you have a question How can I use FBB wallet balance, then please note that you can use Fbb wallet balance by paying for the purchase of clothes online from fbb online store or you can pay while doing shopping of clothes in FBB stores offline. You just need to use it as a payment mode as you do with rest other wallet.

Can I use FBB wallet money in Big Bazaar?

You can use the Fbb Wallet money in Big bazaar if that Big Bazaar store have the Fashion merchandise means FBB clothes and when you purchase clothes from that store you can pay the FBB wallet balance to pay for that bill. In case you purchase grocery items and want to pay using FBB wallet balance online or offline system will not accept that mode of payment.

What are the Fbb Wallet Balance Withdrawal Charges?

Please note you can not withdraw or transfer the balance of fbb wallet or any wallet of Future pay app to bank or any other app. You can use the app for purchase of items online or offline from future group online or offline retail stores. As yyou can not withdraw the money or balance from fbb / Big Bazaar / Easy day / Central / Home town wallet, thus thw withdrawal charges condition is not applicable here. Thus Fbb Wallet Balance Withdrawal Charges are not applicable in Future pay app.

What you should do if FBB Wallet Balance not received during Cash back offer?

It is just because FBB Wallet balance not updating or Fbb wallet balance not working may be server down but dont worry about it! If Fbb wallet balance not received by you and its not showing in your FBB wallet balance, here am going to give you the simple procedure which you should follow to get out of Fbb Wallet Balance Problem.

Follow the below steps if Fbb Wallet Balance not showing

  1. Log out and relogin to your Future pay app and refresh the same.
  2. If still Fbb wallet balance query is not showing the updated amount follow the below steps
  3. You can call at near by FBB store and registre your complain.
  4. Or you can contact future pay app customer service number and complain.

This is all what I think I should discuss with you all in the post “How to Use Fbb Wallet Balance Online for Shopping” In case of any doubts or query please do comment in a comment box.

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